A painfully unfinished role-playing game.

Advice of the day: Always have a certain plan before doing anything ever.


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About This Game:

Caustic is an large scale in-progress role playing game that's a bit different every time you play it. Many many things are randomly determined at the creation of a save file, leading to countless possible differences. Sometimes an area will have a different color scheme, or some NPCs will look and act differently. One player's playthrough is near-certain to be different from someone else's. A more personal experience than in most RPGs.

Caustic is formed from an amalgamation of all the interesting and memorable aspects of modern RPGs and RPG Maker experiences alike. There's an SMT/Earthbound styled turn-based battle format, with the unique playthrough and surrealist aspect of Yume Nikki type games, and a good ounce or two of some absurd humor writing that will make literally everyone compare this game to Undertale constantly. It's a neat story I wanna tell through a game.

But what is the game actually about?

Everett, an easily forgotten kid, hears a rumor of a mystic named "The Teller." They're is said to grant answers and resolution to one's life (also apparently 4 million dollars). Caustic is Everett's long, strange, and probably dangerous journey across the lands to find the Teller.

You'll find three others who share the same desire as you, and the four of you seek "The Ossuary," a massive structure of concrete and steel that is said to be where the rumored Teller dwells, waiting for those strong enough to enter.

Everett, Clauda, Frandyn and Speeker

Go around and discover all the stupid little things in the world, making some friends and seeing new places. You can travel by the train to find everything you need to get where you want to go. A journey so grand, you'll be, uhh... Just mildy amused, most likely. Be careful, though. There's more to the world around you than you might think...

Yeah! That's about it.

You can download the game here. (when it's done)