About This Game:

Caustic is an large scale in-progress role playing game that's a bit different every time you play it. Many many things are randomly determined at the creation of a save file, leading to countless possible differences. Sometimes an area will have a different color scheme, or some NPCs will look and act differently. One player's playthrough is near-certain to be different from someone else's. A more personal experience than in most RPGs.

But what is the game actually about?

Life is a barren and highly expactant wasteland. Everyone around you has just accepted their fate, but you're not strong enough to do that. Beyond the concrete slump is only The Intermission, an ever-shifting labrynth of mountains, ravines, and sprawling with anomalies. It seems you're resigned to the confines of your dirty old town, but you hear rumors of a new railway that can traverse the Intermission, to the distant city of opportunity, Resomville.

You find the rumors to be true, and you manage to get yourself a ticket to ride the Limben Express and leave for good. As you go on, anticipating the brighter future ahead, some incident happens... You find your cart deserted on the railway, in the middle of the Intermission. With nothing but yourself and the passengers you met, you must travel all the way through the Intermission and make it to the other side. But within this ever-changing frontier, there may be those who hope otherwise...

Follow this project!

You can follow the development of this project in these links, if you'd like. It's not a huge thing, really. Reach won't matter to me until the game actually releases, but if you are interested enough in the development, then that's cool.