About Me and Myself:

Hello. I am "BadAlias." I chose that name because it is a very bad alias to use. (please laugh at me)

My debut game project, Moon River, is out know. You can play it right here!

I focus primarily on game development projects and visual art picture things. I like to challenge myself by using old incapable programs like MS Paint and RPG Maker, but I'm no stranger to more robust modern tools. I'm currently developing an RPG called Caustic and a project called ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■. I'm also currently on the team making NoteDream, a collaborative Yume Nikki fangame project. I plan on doing other things in the future, perhaps more advanced games or a comic thing. There's a lot I want to manifest into the world.

My first few works are going to be 100% free. It is my belief that the market is the enemy of art and creativity. Free works are accessible to everyone. I care much more about people seeing and experiencing my work than whatever money it could've made. As time goes on, I hope I can build a platform large enough that I can create something with a price people can trust it to be worth, and to sustain myself with that.

The Purpose of It All:

My goal in life is to be able to create the things I want to create without having to worry about surviving. My mission within my work is to create new concepts that can enlighten people to their own potential and develop new ideas of their own.

In this day and age, everything is a sequel, remake, remaster, port or spiritual successor. The landscape of media is tragicallly dependent on comforting brand familiarity and nostalgia. I wish to be one who looks into the future and creates new ideas that stand on their own, wihtout leaning on familiar aesthetics or concepts. My hope is that my projects can help people detach themselves from our current state of stagnation and help people believe in the future.


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